Blood Donation at Trianon

BLOOD DONATION TO SAVE LIFES. UNAMAURITIUS with HELPLINE and JCI NGOs had a blood donation at the City of TRIANO on Saturday 5th Nov22. Nearly 100 pints of blood were collected.

UNAMAURITIUS Teams were led as follows: Morning session by Mr. N. Bossoondyal, CEO of UNAMAURITIUS. The afternoon session was led by Ms. Rubna Daureeawo, President of UNAMAURITIUS. Other following members of UNAMAURITIUS were present and had persuaded for volunteers to give blood: Mr. Milesh Boodhoo, Mr. Jason Clyde Gaigi, Mrs Tanoo, Mrs Reshmi Hungsraz, Mr. Yudish Ramgoolam, Mr. Vicky Gookool, Mrs. Nitusa Gaya, Krish Hungsraz, Mrs Ambika Ramchurn, Mr. Anil Samboo among others. Several members of ATALIAN: A Serve Unity CSR group donated their blood.

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